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Update Sept. 24, 2009 Pro Or Con "Weight Loss - 6 Pack ABS" By Health Experts

6 pack Abs is considered as a weight loss program which helps to strengthen your abdominal muscles and lose body fat. In order to accomplish each of these goals, it will need your dedication, willpower, patience and time to get a six pack but in the end, the effort is well worth it. You can have the most toned and defined abs but they won't show through if there's a layer of fat over them.

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My Review of the Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary
By Tracy Shaffer Platinum Quality Author

Most ab books are all the same, giving you just the basic instructions for doing crunches or twists, then calling it a day. They try to sell you on some magical quick-fix contraption that falls apart once you buy it, or just plain doesn't work.

That's why I was so skeptical when I first heard about this book. But, even though The Truth About Abs website looks like one of those typical over-hyped scantily clad sweaty bodies type programs, my friend gave it a five star recommendation, and that was enough to convince me to take a look - albeit a cautious look.

So, just what did I think about this ebook? I was honestly surprised by The Truth About Abs. The author, Mike Geary, really knows what he's doing. This 142 page book is THE manual to getting six pack abs. Mike writes in detail about what foods to eat and how you should work out to get your abs to show.

He offers you a wide variety of options for your workouts, and six different training routines that target the different goals you have for your body.

Included with the book come quite a few useful bonuses: a metabolic calculator, books on training nutrition and smoothie recipes, books on flexibility and stair exercises, a neat spreadsheet with card game exercises, and one last book that gives you information about exercises to do with a stability ball.

Since Mike wrote this book in an easy to understand conversational tone, you'll find it easy to get drawn in. If you thought getting a six pack would be like climbing mount Everest, Mike will make it look like you're just going to glide down a bunny slope. Even though starting on your path to six pack abs isn't easy, the author helps you on your way with a road map for your journey.

Mike starts with information on the workout equipment required for his training, then moves on to discuss how you can eliminate junk and processed food from your diet to get a lean, fit body to go with those six pack abs. To me, the discussion on food was especially engaging, because it lined up perfectly with my own feelings about clean eating. Although I have long been a proponent of clean eating, I've never read such a thorough and engaging discussion regarding just how it works to help your body before.

And ladies, I know that this book might seem a little intimidating, but Mike eases your work out worries by having Holly Rigsby (who has her own fitness program- Fit Yummy Mummy by the way) model a portion of his exercise demonstrations for the book. Whether you're a man or a woman, you can get the body you want with this book. Don't get scared off by the idea of having a six pack. Even if you just want a flat stomach and not super defined abs, this program can really help you out.

If you follow the plan outlined in The Truth About Abs, you'll definitely get the abs you want. This isn't just another quick-fix program, which you'll soon find out if you just follow Mike Geary's advice. Just make sure that you really commit yourself to this - you don't want to achieve your six pack, only to quit your routines and lose all you worked so hard for.

It just takes a little dedication and hard work from you. Although this is a comprehensive guide for getting the stomach of your dreams, you'll have to follow its instructions in order for it to happen. I hope this review helped you, and that soon you pick up your own copy of Mike Geary's "The Truth About Six Pack Abs."

To get the ripped, flat stomach that you've been wanting, check out my review of the best program on the market to get the body you've been dreaming about here: Truth About Abs Review

Are you trying to lose the last stubborn 10 pounds? Check out this Fat Loss Troubleshoot Review

Tracy Shaffer- Fitness Enthusiast, Weight Loser Extraordinaire. Tired of the same old health and fitness information that reads like VCR instructions? So am I. Check out instead.

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Recommended program
The Honest Source on Abdominals & Fat Loss
Understand The Facts
If You Are Ever Going to
Lose Your Belly Fat and Get Six Pack Abs

How to Diet For Six Pack Abs in 30 Days?
By Rana Varun Pratap Platinum Quality Author

First a simple disclaimer. This article is not intended for those who have to lose 30 pounds to get fit and another 10 to become lean. Nope sir. This article will help those people who regularly workout and intend to get six pack abs while losing few pounds (keyword here is few pounds not lots of pounds Ok).

If you have heard about the phrase "Abs are built in Kitchen", then you understand the implication of good diet program for your abs. The biggest problem any regular gym goes faces is when you want to lose last few pounds and opt for that washboard abs look.

The worse thing about this is, no amount of sit ups, crunches will help here. This is where your diet will come into play.

1. Cleaning up your diet - First step to start off your diet plan is to clean up your diet. No more beer, colas or even coffee. What I want to have you focus here is removing every junk food you have from your kitchen or office cabin. No more late night snacking, No more binging with friends on game days.

Make a Journal If you have to keep an eye on your eating habits.

2. Feed every 2-3 hr - The best way to stimulate metabolism is by feeding every 2-3 hrs. Eat good food including protein, nuts, some veggies and fruits. Eat complete, lean protein with every feeding opportunity.

Also not forgetting fats, eat healthy fats daily.

3. Cut down on your carbs - Now when you clean up your diet, you'll be cutting down lots of carbs. But I want you to check your diet plan and notice where you are eating extra carbs. Here's a carb rule - Eat carbs only after your exercise or workout.

4. Carb manipulation - You can manipulate carbs and get off few extra pounds by eating less carbs for 2-3 days and then taking some carbs. This way you are manipulating carbs and enjoying it's fat loss result.

Remember, Toned abs are result of low body fat than building muscle. Diet and exercise plays and important role.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review - Effectiveness and Shortcomings
By Jackie Tay Platinum Quality Author

The Mike Gary's e-book of 'How to get six pack abs' is one of the most popular online Abs development program that you are sure to lay your hands on if you are planning to make six pack abs. We all dream of losing that excessive belly fat and getting a flat stomach don't we.

After going through the book though, I wanted to know the effectiveness of the program and here's what I found:

The Truth about the Six Pack Abs program is not a gimmick or a hoax. It does work, though it requires a lot of practice and dedication on the part of the user. Also, in the starting of the exercise regimen you may find it difficult to practice certain weight lifting exercises suggested by Mike Gary. However, after some time you may be able to formulate a highly effective gym routine in lesser time than before.

But remember, to melt that excessive flab on your body you need to practice hard as reading the book alone will not be of many helps. In fact, if you are prepared to sweat it hard in the gym, the result is apparent in a short time not only in your abs but the entire body. Not only this, unlike other books on building six pack abs that emphasize fat and strength training, Mike Gary in his e-Book on How to build six pack abs provides proper food and nutrition advice too. The book also emphasizes on strength training, the most effective way of tone the abs and mid section. Apart from this, the book also emphasizes on making your mid section strong.

Written by a personal trainer himself, the book is very well organized too. Starting with different parts of the stomach which most of us are aware of already, but tend to forget, the book goes on to explain the best set of abs exercises along with their pictures. These exercises can either be done at the gym or at home with the help of a fitness ball. At the same time, the book also shares some practical tips for performing exercises.

However, the book The Truth about Six Pack Abs has some shortcomings too. For example, as previously mentioned the set of exercises mentioned a series of exercises and instructed the user about the order in which it needs to be performed. However, these exercises were not given in a sequence making you turn pages after pages of the book in the gym making the whole exercise routine very inconvenient. However, this problem can be tackled by recording the entire exercise set on MP3 format in the same order as written in the book and listening to them while you exercise.

The e-book Truth about Six Pack Abs provides a creative exercise routine set, that helps you move and strengthen every muscle of your body and not only your abs. However, it doesn't provide any methodology by which you can track your exercise routine. And this becomes a stumbling stone as measuring what and how much you have achieved is as important as doing the exercises itself. However, this can be tackled by filling the workout tracking sheets.

Take a look at comments and feedback from actual users who have already tried "The Truth about Six Pack Abs". Visit: Six Pack Abs Comments.

Recommended program
The Honest Source on Abdominals & Fat Loss
Understand The Facts
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Lose Your Belly Fat and Get Six Pack Abs

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Update Sept. 10, 2009 Pro Or Con "Weight Loss - 6 Pack ABS" By Health Experts

6 pack Abs is considered as a weight loss program which helps to strengthen your abdominal muscles and lose body fat. In order to accomplish each of these goals, it will need your dedication, willpower, patience and time to get a six pack but in the end, the effort is well worth it. You can have the most toned and defined abs but they won't show through if there's a layer of fat over them.

Recommended program
The Honest Source on Abdominals & Fat Loss
Understand The Facts
If You Are Ever Going to
Lose Your Belly Fat and Get Six Pack Abs

Six Pack Abs Diet - 3 Amazing Features
By Steve B Falcon Platinum Quality Author

Looking to achieve a flat tummy? Here's something you need to keep in mind at all times - what you eat can be as significant as how much you eat. Here are some of the main features of an effective six pack abs diet:

1. It doesn't include low and high amounts of certain foods. It's amazing how the latest dieting trends seem to change like the wind. Sometimes low-carbohydrate diets are the most popular, while high-protein diets could be hot the next day. However, scientific research has repeatedly proven that well-balanced meals that follow the food pyramid (yes, the same one you learned in primary school) is the most effective method for shedding tummy fat and keeping it off. So avoid fad weight-loss programs unless you want to lose weight temporarily.

2. It includes a unique dietary plan. A major problem is that we've been indoctrinated to believe that simply losing weight will make us healthy. But in fact, when working to get a flat stomach, it's better to alter your everyday eating habits, instead of just sticking to the newest dieting trend or fad, to lose pounds. When a dietary program includes unsavory or unhealthy foods then you probably won't lose weight (or will lose it unhealthily or momentarily). Instead of going on diets, changing diets is better.

3. It's inexpensive compared to fad diets. The prime method for losing abdominal fat and keeping it off is the natural six pack abs diet method. You don't need to spend tons of money on sugary weight-loss bars and shakes. Instead, visit your local supermarket to locate many of the most effective foods for burning fat! An effective program burns fat using your body's natural process for burning it.

The healthiest way to eat is a six pack abs diet that includes natural foods with all the nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes that your body requires. This will naturally burn and keep off abdominal fat!

Steve B Falcon is a six pack abs diet expert and the director of Steve B Falcon provides honest information and advice on things like six pack abs diet and much more. Check out the website today!

Six Pack Abs Quick - How to Get Six Pack Abs Fast
By Alevoor Rajagopal

To get six pack abs fast you need to perform special "finishing exercises" and be prepared for intense workouts. So, for this article, I will assume that you are starting off with a flat abdomen and are looking for finishing steps to chisel out the six packs fast.

Here are the few critical issues whose times have come for you to adopt into your routine, notwithstanding the possibility that you have ignored them earlier on.

Diet side focus to get six pack abs

  1. That "abs are made in the kitchen" is one of the truest statements in this field. You need to retighten and refine your diet composition, eating schedule and quantity after reviewing with an expert periodically.
  2. Getting six packs is more than just working your abs muscles more but all about building the abdominal muscles. You have to find out ways to increase your protein intake and consumption. Proteins are key building blocks of muscles and through targeted exercises it is possible to direct proteins to specific muscles. Unlike carbohydrates and fats, proteins keep you feeling full for long too.
  3. Don't stop fat intake for any reason; it is important to keep it under 20-30% if it is coming from natural sources like fish oils, olive oils, nuts, avocado and peanut butter. Fats are energy packs needed to keep your metabolism mechanism functioning. Without fat intake, you will feel hungry sooner than normal.
Exercise side focus to get six packs
  1. The purpose of six pack abs exercises is all about uncovering the abs muscles from under the fat cover in addition to working the constituent packs individually.
  2. Add exercises that help churn the abs muscles, workouts such as corkscrew exercises, hula hoops and situps on a gymnastics parallel bar to your regular routine. While the former two systematically churn and work the individual packs the latter stretches and contracts the entire rectus abdominis muscle to its maximum.
  3. It is important that you hold your abs muscles in its stressed position as long as you can while you crunch and stretch. The position is where you feel the maximum stress on the ab muscle and is midway on your crunch swings. Freeze here for as long as you can through out your routine on both your forward and reverse swings. This gives the packs ample set-in time.
Six pack is a step away from flat stomach and what you do to finish it makes the difference. Hanging on to your regular routine may keep flatness flat; step aside, six packs is only a step away rather than thinking how to get six pack abs fast.

It is all about precisely knowing what to do and what mistakes to avoid when you are giving finishing touches for six pack abs fast, no matter at what age you begin. Download my step-by-step, pictorial FREE ebook on special ab exercises on your way to new freedom.